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Allied Services

Allied Services

IFS has tied up with leading associate partners for providing collateral management services. At IFS, it is our duty to ensure the safe custody and upkeep of the collaterals, hence nothing less than the best of the league is offered to handle the collaterals provided as security.

IFS is also engaged in procurement services, where we help customers in arranging procurement services of agri-commodities on behalf of our associated partners. In such cases, customers need not invest on the infrastructure in various territories for procuring specific commodities or grade of commodities. Customers can use the procurement services as an integrated service for warehouse receipt finance, where we can help in procuring, storing as well as financing the produce as per customers requirement.

IFS derives information from prominent industry reports to keep a close watch on commodities handled. For Knowledge Sharing, we also coordinate with our business partners for updates on the industry, commodity scenario and price movements. If interested, we can help you avail the market intelligent services to suit your business requirements. Please feel free to contact us at info@infinityfincorp.com

IFS engages in providing an environment-friendly ecosystem-approach for total pest management services for safe upkeep of the commodity provided to us as security. Global best practices and custom-made solutions are followed to ensure absolute safety and purity of commodities stored in warehouses A trained team of experts aim at providing multi-facility, multi-city pest management services that can be customized as per specific pest management requirement of businesses. Integrated Pest Management Services will help in smooth maintenance including absolute safety and purity of commodities stocked, however borrowers have a choice to use the services of our business partner or they can refer their own service providers for the same.

IFS has teamed up with leading associate partners for providing exclusive consultancy and technical services entailing quality assaying, grading, inspection and certification of a wide-range of agri-commodities. IFS along with its business partner ensures globally-benchmarked solutions for complete commodity profiling; including comprehensive and customized inspection, testing and certification, on-the-spot primary quality parameter assessment. World-class customized solutions, greatest speed of execution, shortest turnover time, most economic packages, guaranteed customer service and a nationwide presence remains the cornerstones of our services. Please feel free to contact us at info@infinityfincorp.com

Fraud Alert

Awareness & Caution Against Fraudulent Activities

Valued customers and public at large are advised to be cautious against unscrupulous elements including some unaffiliated entities which are targeting and contacting unsuspecting customers whose typical modus operandi is via Phone calls , E-mails, SMSs, WhatsApp, Social Media Advertisements, Look -alike Apps, Publishing and enticing customers to avail their unlawful Debt counselling services with false assurance of acting -out to be bank itself etc, and mainly impersonating the Name/Logo of INFINITY FINCORP SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED (IFSPL) for misusing and committing fraudulent activities.

Please note that any person dealing with such fraudsters will be dealing at individuals own risk and responsibility. IFSPL and/or any of its member branch will not be responsible for any loss suffered or otherwise in this respect. Also, IFSPL runs no such Loan Apps or Social Media Apps such as Whatsapp / facebook etc as part of their profile pic and pushing fake loan offers to the innocent public, by luring them with false promises.

Also, we would like to advise that anyone wishing to avail services of IFSPL may kindly check the genuineness of the request and communication before indulging upon any such communications. IFSPL email ID contains “infinityfincorp.com” ALONE and does NOT contain any other domain name such as Gmail/Yahoo/Rediff etc., or in any other form.

IFSPL uses your information solely for legitimate business purpose, moreover, appropriate unrelenting legal action against such fraudulent person(s)/ agencies will be taken if found with mala-fide intentions committing the fraud.


Customers are advised to immediately report any suspicious incident /or incident of defrauding of money as a result of these fraudulent acts and practices to the authorities in their jurisdiction: -

- Police.
- Telecommunications regulator, including the Cyber Crime Cell.

RBI Customer Awareness Initiative

Be it an enquiry, feedback, or a simple suggestion, write to us & we’ll get back to you.

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- www.infinityfincorp.com
- Tel: +91 22 40356622